Published Translations

I have many published translations in the form of CD booklets. They can be found by clicking on "LAWO Classics" and "Helene Høye" in the menu. A few other examples are listed directly below:

“Acculturation in Buildings and Farmsteads in Coon Valley, Wisconsin, from 1850 to 1930” by Reidar Bakken, in Material Culture and People’s Art Among the Norwegians in America, p. 73-91, edited by Marion John Nelson,The Norwegian-American Historical Association,1994.

“Norsk Rosemåling,” by Nils Ellingsgard, Det Norske Samlaget,1999, p. 134-139, as found in chapter nine of Astri, My Astri: Norwegian Heritage Stories, by Deb Nelson Gourley, 2004. Also:  “Hesteslepp i Sikkilsdalen,” by Kåre Prytz, 1976, is printed as “The Turning Out of the Horses in Sikkilsdalen” in chapter sixteen of this book.

Norwegian Rose Painting in America: What the immigrants brought, by Nils Ellingsgard, Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, 99 p., 1993. (*Translator’s disclaimer: The layout and printing of this book was assigned to Scandinavian University Press (Universitetsforlaget) in Oslo, whose language consultants bear responsibility for the poor English used in the book jacket, for the errors found on the title page and in added photo captions, and for all incorrect word divisions in the main text.)

“Ripples: Marguerite Wildenhain and Her Pond Farm Students,” by Prof. Hubert Kittel, Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, Germany, in Recent Lectures and Writings about Marguerite Wildenhain, published on the occasion of the special Pond Farm Collection exhibit at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, October 11, 2003.


Sample of translated histories, memoirs, & other texts:

In addition to translations of some thousands of pages of emigrant letters and excepts from Norwegian "bygdebøker" (farm histories), I list below a few other translations undertaken for a variety of clients:

An Account of the Loss of the Russian Ship Ingermanland, Christiania, Published by Johan Dahl, 1845. My English translation is of the Norwegian manuscript translated from Russian.

Arnekleiv: An Old Farm in Dovre, by Sigurd Arnekleiv, 95 p. Gudbrandsdal Historielag, Vågåmo, Norway,1983.

“Dagfinn Mannsåker”, Commemorative address given by Magne Skodvin  before the Norwegian Academy of Science, Yearbook of the Norwegian Academy of Science, 1995.

"Einar Larsen Aspebakken: A Timber Cutter From Åsroa", by Steiner Eik, in From an Aspen Hill in Biri, Helen Aspebakken Scherer, 2013.

Heensåsen Church, 1902-2002, by Sigfred Hovda, 88 p. Heensåsen Parish Council, Fagernes, Norway, 2002.

“Jo i Sjøholmene,” by Jonas Lie, Gyldendalske Boghandel, Kristiania, 1921.

Memoirs, Reminiscences of Paulus Valvik, 236 p.

Paolo Sperati (1821-1884), by Carl Fredrik Falkenberg, 106 p., Thesis in Music, University of Oslo, 1984.

Pilt Ola: Documentary Novel (select chapters), by Jon Moe, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, Oslo, 1972.

“Stories from Schönhengst” (Moravia), collected by Franz J. C. Gauglitz, Wiesentheid, Germany, 1991, as found in The Knotts and  Hartmanns from Schönhengst by Fran Debnam, 1999, St. Louis, MO. Translated for the same publication: “The Inhabitants of Triebendorf: Origin and Character,” by Dr. Alois Knauer. Würzburg, Germany.

The Eiker Wiborg Family:The Historical Background for the Oral Tradition (select chapters), by Yngvar Hauge and Terje Gulbrandsen, 235 p., Oslo, Norway, 1966.

The History of “Drammens Tidende” and ”Buskeruds Blad” (select chapters), Vol. 1, by Øyvin Davidsen, Drammen, 1975.

Towards Tydal’s Lofty Mountains, by Halldis Stuedahl, 60 p., Tydal, Norway, 1991.

Voyages of the “Ursus Minor”: Reminiscences of Harald Heitmann, 68 p., Kragerø, Norway, 1974.

Vår Prins og Prinsesse, Torbjørn Greipsland, N.W. Damm & Søn AS, 1990 (translated as insert for Vesterheim Museum, Decorah, IA)